Welcome to the login page for Telehealth at Orygen Specialist Program. Telehealth is only available for service users who have a prior appointment, calls without appointments will not be answered. Find out about Telehealth by reading the information links on this page. Telehealth requires the Chrome browser on a computer, or an android device such as a phone or tablet with Chrome browser. On an IOS device such as an iphone or ipad, you can now connect with Safari browser, an app is no longer needed.

1. Check that your connection is working

(a pop up window will step you through the checks for connection speed, microphone and sound)

2. Make the call at your appointed time

Our staff will be alerted and the clinician will be with you shortly.

Telehealth is in a trial phase, it is currently only available to a limited group. Orygen will only be able to provide Telehealth consultation if you have been advised that you are able to contact your clinician in this way and if you have an appointment. For more information about suitability call the Youth Access Team (YAT) on either 1800 888 320 or (03) 8345 7400. Find out about Telehealth in the information page links.

Orygen Staff should access telehealth through the staff login.