The Annual YES Survey

Every year we give all young people who use Orygen Specialist Program services the opportunity to take part in a survey that asks a range of questions about your experience of using the service. It's called the YES (Your Experience of Service) survey.

"The YES survey is designed to gather information from consumers about their experience of care.. It aims to help mental health services and consumers to build better services" (Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, 2018). 

The questions cover topics such as how involved you feel in your treatment, how helpful we have been in your recovery, and if you know about your rights and felt comfortable making a complaint... just to name a few!

It's a great opportunity to share your thoughts, give us feedback and help us to make Orygen a better place for young people and their families.

You don't have to give your name when you do the survey, so you can remain completely anonymous if you'd like.

Your case manager will provide you with a survey during the three month survey period. Be sure to fill one out and share your feedback!