Orygen @ Home

Most young people receiving services at Orygen Specialist Program can be safely and successfully treated whilst they continue to live at home.

Sometimes it is helpful to have a brief period of increased contact with a treating team that is dedicated to managing an increase of symptoms and any accompanying distress, who can support you to get this support while you stay at home.

Orygen’s Hospital in the Home program Orygen @ Home can provide this care. 

The main reasons someone might access care from Orygen @ Home are:

  • Your mental health difficulties have become hard for you and your family to manage, and you need extra support to be able to safely remain at home
  • We would like to learn more about how best to support your recovery by completing a longer, less intense assessment over several sessions in your own home
  • We’d like to support you while you try new types of treatment such as psychological and social interventions, help you become involved again with meaningful activities, or to try a different medication.

Orygen @ Home care focuses on helping people get the right level of support at home, the place that is usually the most comfortable for them. Orygen @ Home is a multidisciplinary team of clinicians and lived experience workers. Our clinicians are doctors, nurses, social workers, occupational therapists, psychologists and family therapists, and an Aboriginal social and emotional wellbeing worker. Our lived experience workers are youth peer workers and family/carer peer workers. Our team will usually visit you twice a day, we reduce that to once a day when we feel confident in your recovery.  It is really important to us that Young people and their families are always involved in their treatment decisions.

Referrals to Orygen @ Home are made once you are already receiving support from an Orygen Program, including if your care is with the Youth Access Team.

There currently no option to refer from outside of Orygen.