Speak Out Quick Facts

Here's some important information about Speak Out and providing feedback or making a complaint.

  • It is your RIGHT to make a complaint or provide us with feedback and we think it's really important that you feel comfortable, and empowered to let us know if there's something you're unhappy about or that we could do better.
  • You can remain anonymous if you wish but it's important to note that the only way we can respond directly to you to follow up feedback or a complaint is if you provide us with your contact details. Providing your details will in no way affect your care or the care of another young person.
  • If you do provide us with your details in the Speak Out Form, we must respond to you within 30 business days to resolve your concerns or discuss your feedback.         
  • If you are not satisfied with how we've responded to you or how we've resolved your feedback or complaint, you have the right to escalate the matter to the Mental Health Complaints Commissioner at the Department of Health. Before doing this, we encourage you to talk with us about your concerns and allow us to work together with you to try to resolve the matter to your satisfaction.
  • If you'd like some help following up a Speak Out Form that you've previously submitted, you can ask your case manager or contact reception who can take your details and we'll get back to you.
  • The Platform Team recieve a summary every three months of the type of feedback and complaints being submitted by young people and their families and carers. This summary allows the Platfrom Team to identify which areas of the service require improvements and changes, and how they can work together with the organisation to help make Orygen a better place.