Educational and vocational recovery

Returning to school, training or employment are common goals for young people attending Orygen Specialist Program.

Orygen has a long-term partnership with the Department of Education Travancore School. Qualified teachers from the Travancore School are available on site at Parkville and Sunshine, to support young people to stay at, or return to, school. They provide individual and small group classroom sessions.

The research program at Orygen has been undertaking a research project exploring how additional support offered to young people who have experienced a mental illness can improve their employment opportunities (getting and keeping employment). This involves young people working with a specialist mental health vocational recovery worker. You can ask your case manager about this option.

Young people can also work with the Psychosocial Recovery Program. Group Programs might be a first step in vocational recovery by providing structure and routine and opportunities to participate in meaningful activities with others.

Orygen works in partnership with job agencies to support young people to return to work that they are interested in and enjoy.