Outpatient Sites: Parkville and Sunshine

The Parkville and Sunshine sites are also known as our outpatient services. Outpatient services are where young people visit their case manager, doctor and other professionals involved in their care.

Our Parkville site is located right behind the Melbourne Zoo. It's a huge piece of land with a cool old hospital building that we've painted purple and transformed into a youth friendly service. Weve taken full advantage of our beautiful surrounds by establishing garden areas to chill out in, an abundant vegie patch, and if you listen out carefully you can even hear the lions and monkeys up at the zoo!

Our Sunshine site is in a fancy new building shared with our friends at headspace Sunshine. It's located right near the main shopping street which means you're on the doorstep of some of the tastiest Vietnamese food in Melbourne!

Apart from being places where you come for your regular appointments with your care team, the outpatient sites offer access to a range of other things like Platform, The Group Program and Voactional and Education services.