Family Work

Family members are very important to the wellbeing of young people, consequently they are also affected by a young person’s difficulties. In most cases the involvement of the family is essential for successful outcomes for the young person. By participating in the support and care provided they assist the recovery of their young person. However, families do not have to do this alone— help is available. Family programs are designed for parents, partners, children, siblings, extended family, close friends and anyone who carries out a caregiving function for a young person with a mental disorder who attends the Orygen Specialist Program.

The Family Work Program offers:

  • Individual sessions with a case manager or family support worker to discuss issues of concern
  • Regular information sessions to help families and friends understand mental illness. These sessions cover topics like the signs and symptoms of mental and emotional problems; what you might expect during recovery and how you can help; medication; the future and how to maintain recovery.
  • Specialist work for more difficult problems faced by families

For further details contact your case manager.