HYPE (Helping Young People Early)

Helping Young People Early (HYPE) is a prevention and early intervention program for young people who have experienced longstanding instability with their emotions, interpersonal relationships, sense of self, and behaviour. These problems are sometimes called ‘personality difficulties’ or ‘borderline personality disorder'. These problems cause significant strain and disruption to the lives of young people, their families and other relationships, and are usually accompanied by other mental health problems. If left untreated, personality problems can cause persistent difficulties into adulthood.

HYPE provides a specialised, time-limited treatment program that includes psychotherapy, case management, and general mental health care.

Service Options

  • Case management, which might include home visits
  • Support to families and carers
  • Specialised treatments, including psychological therapy, medication and family work
  • Psychosocial recovery options, such as group programs, vocational and educational supports and services, youth and family participation
  • Neuropsychological and occupational therapy interventions
  • Referral and liaison with other community agencies (eg. drug and alcohol, employment or youth services)

Treatment Goals

  • Early identification and treatment of primary symptoms of illness
  • Improve access and reduce delays in initial treatment
  • Educate the young person and their family about the illness
  • Reduce disruption to social and vocational functioning
  • Promote wellbeing among family members and carers
  • Support the young person during their recovery
  • Develop a plan for maintaining mental health