The Platform Team

At Orygen Specialist Program, we realise that young people who use the service know a lot about what has worked for them, what is difficult and what can be improved.
We’re always keen to hear your feedback and ideas about what we could do to make the service better, and we also think that you should get a chance to be involved in making decisions about how we do things around here.
You might sometimes hear involvement of young people referred to as youth participation or consumer feedback or consultation.

We call it Platform 'round here.




The Platform Team get involved in a range of activities that are all about helping to make Orygen a great service for young people to use.
Your ideas and feedback help us to make positive changes and respond to the needs of the young people who come here.

We also get involved in helping to raise awareness in the community about youth mental health, promote help-seeking and reduce the stigma that is sometimes associated with having a mental illness.

The Platform Team get involved in the following activities:

  • Taking part in feedback groups to tell us about your experience as a client here
  • Helping to design and write brochures, fliers and posters used at the service
  • Helping to interview staff to work here
  • Helping to train staff from Orygen and other health workers
  • Speaking at workshops and conferences
  • Talking to politicians
  • Helping us make decisions about how to introduce new things or make changes at Orygen

You can choose to get involved in as many or as few of these things as you’d like. It’s totally up to you and what you’re interested in.



The Platform team is open to anybody who is currently a client at Orygen or has been a client in the past 2 years.
Platform is for people who want to be involved in giving ongoing feedback to Orygen about their experience of using the service, or share ideas about how we can improve.

You don’t need any particular skills, and the team are welcoming of all young people from all different backgrounds and walks of life!

How to join the team or find out more:

  • Come along to one of our upcoming meetings and check out what we do
  • Ask your case manager about Platform
  • Talk to a Peer Support Worker about Platform
  • Talk to the Youth Participation Coordinator by calling  99669100 or 0427 350 376.




Being a Platform Team member has lots of perks. You’ll get to do heaps of fun, creative, interesting and important things all of which make a difference to how the service operates and participation can also have a really positive effect on your own wellbeing.

Not only do you get to have a say and share your own ideas about how we can improve the service, but you’ll also meet other young people who come to Orygen Specialist Program, work together with staff on exciting projects, learn some valuable skills and build great experience to take with you in the future.

We also provide a reimbursement to Platform Team Members for their time and contributions. It’s our way of acknowledging your valuable ideas and feedback