Group Program

The Group Program aims to empower, inform and help young people feel good about themselves and recover from their mental health issues by assisting them to work on their personal goals and enhance their strengths. The Group Program provides support, relevant discussions and a wide range of meaningful, challenging and fun activities in a supportive peer group environment.

Being involved in the Group Program provides young people with an opportunity to start doing things, to learn how to deal with problems, to have fun and it allows people with similar mental health issues to find out they are not alone. Case managers can arrange for young people to join the Group Program at any time, but it is not compulsory. The groups are for young people who are ready for them, and who will be able to benefit from being in such an environment.

Groups will give the opportunity to work on personal issues such as lack of confidence, low self-esteem, being angry, or being anxious around other people. The groups are led by people who are very experienced in helping young people to help each other. The groups are small in size (usually four to eight people) and they meet once a week for one or two hours. They are run on weekdays at various times during the day. There are lots of different types of groups to choose from and they include groups that focus on:

  • School, study and work
  • Improving health such as physical fitness, reducing drug use and stress management
  • Socialising to help you to connect with, and feel comfortable around other people
  • Leisure and recreation such as a team sport or outdoor adventure groups
  • Learning how to manage problems such as anxiety and illness
  • Being creative: for example the art, music or choir groups

Case managers can refer clients to the Group Program at any time.