Inpatient Unit (Footscray IPU)

The Inpatient Unit, sometimes called the Footscray IPU, is a hospital just for young people where a dedicated team of staff provide care to clients who may need some extra help to get well. We’d always prefer that you get the help you need while staying at home, but sometimes this can be a bit tricky if you’re very unwell. In this case, a short hospital stay can be really useful to keep you safe and to provide you with some extra support to get your recovery back on track. You’ll get your own room and all your meals will be taken care of, plus you can try out your table tennis skills, play some basketball, chill out with a book or watch TV. Your friends and family can come to see you and the staff will support you to get well and to head home as soon as possible. Peer support workers who are young people who used to be clients at Orygen Specialist Program will also visit the Inpatient Unit. You can talk to them about being in hospital or how you’re feeling, ask them for information or just hang out together (and beat them at a game of table tennis!). While you’re in hospital your treating team will encourage you to get involved in your care plan and together you’ll work on how to map your ongoing treatment and recovery.