Intensive Services

The two Intensive Services teams provide a more intensive and outreach based model of care. They provide services to young people who find it difficult to engage in office-based treatment, have complex needs and are considered to be high risk. The ICM (Intensive Case Management) team focuses on young people with psychosis, and IMYOS (Intensive Mobile Youth Outreach Service) focuses on young people with multiple and complex needs.

‘Outreach’ care which means that these teams see young people in their homes or other community settings where they might feel comfortable. They provide community assessment, treatment and support for both the young person and their families or carers.

Services Options

  • Case management which can include home visits
  • Support to families and carers
  • Specialised treatments, including psychological therapy, medication and family work
  • Psychosocial recovery options such as group programs, vocational and educational supports/services, youth and family participation
  • Neuropsychological and occupational therapy interventions
  • Referral and liaison with other community agencies (eg. drug and alcohol, employment or youth services)

Treatment Goals

  • Early identification and treatment of primary symptoms of illness
  • Educate the young person and family about the illness
  • Reduce the frequency and/or severity of relapse
  • Reduce the risk of other health-related problems developing
  • Reduce disruption to social and vocational functioning
  • Promote wellbeing among family members and carers
  • Support the young person during their recovery
  • Develop a plan for maintaining mental health