About Us

Orygen Youth Health (OYH) is a world-leading youth mental health program based in Melbourne, Australia. OYH has two main components: a specialised youth mental health clinical service; and an integrated training and communications program.

Orygen Youth Health is part of the public mental health system in Melbourne, Australia, and sees young people aged 15 to 24, with a focus on early intervention and youth specific approaches. There is a close connection with Orygen, the National Centre of Excellence in Youth Mental Health

Our innovative clinical program is comprised of three parts: Acute Services, Continuing Care, and Psychosocial Recovery. Multidisciplinary teams composed of psychiatrists and mental health clinicians deliver individually tailored services such as mental health assessment and care, crisis management, psychotherapy, medication, family support, inpatient care, group work, and vocational and educational assistance. Orygen Youth Health Clinical Program treats around 450 clients per annum.

Our training and communications program provides training and resources to improve the understanding of mental health issues in young people and to promote the capacity of services and the general public in supporting young people. We work with a variety of organisations including health services, schools, drug and alcohol services, and community groups within our catchment area.

The work of OYH will be important to you if:

  • You are a young person aged 15– 24 with mental health issues and living in the western or north western area of Melbourne
  • You are a family member or carer for a young person aged 15–24 with mental health issues and living in the western or north western area of Melbourne
  • You are a service provider working with and supporting young people with mental health issues
  • You want to have access to the latest information and training in relation to youth mental health