Psychosocial Recovery

The Psychosocial Recovery Program incorporates the Group Program, Family Peer Support Program, Youth Participation Program, and the Educational and Vocational Recovery Programs. Staff include occupational therapists, social workers, a music therapist, teachers, employment specialists, family members and young people.

Young people who come to Orygen can get involved with different parts of the Psychosocial Recovery Program, which aims to support them to work towards their personal recovery goals. They might have goals around getting back on track with education, training or work; or gaining confidence about socialising again; expressing themselves creatively, or want a chance to do more fun stuff in their week. Young people may decide to pursue these opportunities by being actively involved in groups, meeting with a peer support worker, getting involved in activities, or taking advantage of one-on-one support with education or employment. Case managers support referral to all parts of the Psychosocial Recovery Program. If a young person is interested in becoming involved or getting some extra support, they should ask their case manager.

There are also opportunities for family members to become involved.