Speak Out - Feedback and Complaints

Orygen Specialist Program wants to offer the best service possible and we’re always on the look out for what we can do to improve.
If you would like to tell us about something we could do better, something great we’ve done, or even something you’re unhappy about, then you can fill out a Speak Out Form.

Speak Out Forms are purple brochures located throughout the service that can be used to submit feedback, comments or complaints.

You can also fill out a Speak Out Form online

These forms can be filled out by you, a family member, carer or friend. Orygen Staff can also fill out these forms on your behalf if you’d like.
You can write in any language and we'll have it translated and we can also assist you by arranging interpreters.

Your feedback is really important to us as it allows us to make positive changes and improve the way we provide services to young people.



Speak Out Forms are located all around the service. Look out for the purple brochures in waiting rooms, interview rooms, your case manager's office, toilets, groups rooms, the Inpatient Unit, YAT and the cafe.
If you ca't find one please ask a staff member for a form.

You can also fill out a Speak Out Form online.


When you fill out a Speak Out Form you can choose to remain anonymous if you wish.

However, if you would like a response to your feedback or complaint we’ll need to know how to contact you.
If you provide your contact details a staff member can get in touch with you to talk about your feedback or complaint and work with you to follow up or resolve it.

Providing feedback or making a complaint will in no way disadvantage you or any other young person.


Once you have completed a form you can return it to us by:

  • Placing it in the red letterbox opposite reception at Parkville
  • Placing it in the Speak Out box at YAT or IPU reception
  • Seal it up and post it in any Australia Post postbox (no stamp needed)
  • Hand it to a peer support worker
  • Fill out a form online



Here's what happens to your Speak Out Form once you submit it to us;

1. You submit a Speak Out Form online or fill one out and drop it into the letter box at Parkville, YAT or at the Inpatient Unit

2. The online form or the Speak Out form is received by a staff member who's job it is to upload your feedback onto a computer system. This system records all feedback and complaints for the purpose of ensuring we can follow matters up within a 30 day timeframe,  and to see if there's anything that keeps occurring so we can try to fix it

3. Feedback and complaints are directed to the program manger for follow up. For example, if your feedback or complaint is about the inpatient unit, the Nurse Unit Manager would be notified.

4. If you've provided your name and contact details, the program manager or another relevant staff member will get in touch with you within 30 days to thank you for forwarding your feedback or concerns, and to have a chat with you about the information you've provided.

5. If you haven't provided your contact details, staff will still follow up and address the matter and take your feedback on board - but they won't be able to let you know what action has been taken if you haven't given us your name and contact details.


Under Victorian law you have the right to make a complaint directly to the Mental Health Complaints Commission, who can:

  • help you raise your concerns directly with Orygen Specialist Program
  • work with you and Orygen Specialist Program to help resolve your concerns
  • discuss other options, if they are unable to help.

Their website has useful information on how to go about making a complaint, and your rights. Click here for information in English, or here for accessible complaint resources.