Training For Schools

OYH has developed specific training packages for the school setting in consultation and collaboration with a number of educational and training bodies.

Responding To Self Harm In Schools

This 2-day training is aimed at promoting understanding, skills and confidence in responding to young people who are self harming. It also supports schools in developing guidelines for how to respond to the needs of students, families and the entire school community.

The training focuses on:
• Recognition and assessment of risk
• Management planning
• Crisis intervention
• Responding to others who may be affected within the school (teachers, students, parents)
• Follow-up
• Working with mental health services

At the completion of this workshop participants will be able to:
• Define suicidal behaviour and deliberate self harm
• Outline the prevalence and discuss the role and meaning of self harm
• Identify personal attitudes to self harm and suicidal behaviour
• Thoroughly assess presentations of self harm, including co-morbid issues
• Complete thorough risk assessments and management plans
• Utilise therapeutic approaches and strategies to work with students who are self harming
• Develop policy and protocols that respond to self harm


To request either of these training packages please e-mail: OYH Training