Fact Sheets

Orygen Youth Health has developed a range of factsheets for you to learn more about a range of topics including different mental illnesses, medication, sleep and healthy eating.

You can download these factsheets, ask your case manager to print them out for you, pick them up from the Drop-in Room at Parkville or ask a peer support worker to provide you with copies.

If you are interested in the factsheets click on the link below to download a pdf.

Youth Health Factsheets

Anxiety and Young People (PDF)

Medications for Anxiety Disorders (PDF)

Psychosis and Young People (PDF)

Medications for Psychosis (PDF)

Physical health and Psychosis (PDF)

Depression and Young People (PDF)

Medications for Depression (PDF)

Self Harm and Young People (PDF)

At Risk Mental State and Young People (PDF)

Eating Disorders and Young People (PDF)

Borderline Personality Disorder and Young People (PDF)

Autism Spectrum Disorders (PDF)

Psychosis Factsheets

These factsheets deal specifically with psychosis and young people.

What Is Psychosis? (PDF)

Getting Help Early (PDF)

Recovering From Psychosis (PDF)

How Can I Help Someone With Psychosis? (PDF)

Wellbeing Fact Sheets

Riding The Sleep Wave (PDF)

Eating Healthy (PDF)

Getting Active (PDF)

All About Orygen Youth Health

Assessment (PDF)

Getting Involved at OYH (PDF)

Privacy (PDF)

Rights and Responsibilities (PDF)

Treatment (PDF)

Who Provides Care (PDF)

Who We Are (PDF)

Working With Families (PDF)