Upcoming Activities

We've got a range of projects, activities, and feedback sessions that young people from Orygen can get involved in.
It's a great opportunity to help us improve the service, advocate for more investment in youth mental health services and research, help raise awareness about mental health, help us develop better resources and treatments for young people and have your say on a range of important topics.

If you're a current or past client of Orygen Specialist Program, then you might like to join in with some of these activities. Usually, a reimbursement is offered to say thanks for your valuable time and contributions. Often, food or snacks are provided too. Support is always provided before, during and after the activity so that you know all of the information about what the activity is, how your feedback or contributions will be used, support to participate and get your views and ideas across, and time to catch up afterwards if you want to talk about anything that came up during the activity.

It's a fun and meaningful way to share your experience, get your feedback and opinions heard, help us to make the service better, and help the greater community to understand more about mental health.


Please see below for current and upcoming things you can get involved in! Simply send an email to alicia.king@mh.org.au if you'd like to take part in any of the activities listed below.