1-on-1 Peer Support Appointments

Did you know that we offer clients 1-on-1 appointments with a Peer Support Worker?

This means that you can make a time to have a private catch-up or phone call with a Peer Support Worker to talk about your recovery. Some things you might want to see a Peer Support Worker for are:

  • Support and guidance about useful coping strategies and what's worked for other young people
  • Factsheets and resources to help you learn about your diagnosis, medications or other helpful information that may be handy for you to know
  • Symptoms you're experiencing that you'd like to chat about (such as low moods, hearing voices, feeling worried all the time, managing side effects of medication)
  • Some hot tips around staying positive, getting motivated, setting goals and focusing on recovery
  • Discharge from the service; what to expect, preparation and things you can do for yourself, services you can link in with, stories about what came next for Peer Support Workers after they left the service
  • Relationships; how you're getting along with family, partners and friends and some useful guidance about how other young people have managed these close relationships
  • Or if you just want to tell someone else how you're feeling and hear about their experience too

How to book an appointment

  • Let your case manager know that you'd like to book a 1-on-1 appointment with a Peer Support Worker
  • Let us know if there is something quite specific you'd like to talk about, and we'll do our best to "match" you with the right Peer Support Worker for you
  • Let us know what days and times work best for you and we'll do our best to find a time that will work (check out the booking times below)

Appointment Availability and Location

We offer our 1-on-1 Peer Support Service from Parkville, Sunshine or by phone at an agreed time.

You can access up to five 1-on-1 appointments with a Peer Support Worker whilst you are a client of the service.

Peer Support is only available to current clients.